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AI-based approach to give you natural colors without much effort
  • I recently tested a nice plug-in for FCP-X from Lemke Software (Mac enthusiasts might still remember Grafikkonverter from them). It's called EPICOLOR (the author insists on upper case) and is an AI-based algorithm to mimic what our brain does when we perceive colors correctly under changing lighting conditions – as opposed to our cameras. He claims 15 years of work went into it.
    Currently it's available for FCP-X and Motion, but a version for DaVinci Resolve is going to follow – only MacOS for the time being. The effect is subtle on images where colors are already quite right, they'll just look a bit fresher, more natural and vivid (no, it's not a simple change of saturation). Have a look at what it can do to seriously screwed colors like film from decades ago at their website ( ). BTW, if it comes up in black on an iOS device, just tap that again.

    Apart from screwed colors it can handle log just as well, and there it begins to shine even if your colors are already correct or in the ballpark. IMHO it's a perfect solution when you don't have the time and money for serious color grading and just want natural colors. Of course it can also be the starting point for stylized grading, like all professional colorists would first make a neutral look before going into style.

    Just check it out, they have linked an article of mine too in German, but the site is in English. For disclosure: I don't get any money from them, just got one reviewer's license for my article. I also helped him with a few suggestions, like handling superwhites (e.g. from Sony cameras) gracefully.