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Google dropped 1000 subscriber requirement for live streaming
  • Previously you would need an app from another company to live stream using your phone if you had under 1,000 subscribers. Now almost anybody can use the official YouTube app to live stream. You do need to make sure your account is verified and in good standing. Also good to make sure your YouTube app is fully up to date.

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  • Sad news.

    I mean it'll be lot of young idiots around translating from their closets.

  • They have been slowly expanding who the feature is available to for the past year. Note that the initial reporting on this was incorrect, and YouTube has clarified that the latest expansion was just part of a limited test and that the feature is still not available to all users with less than 1000 subscribers:

  • It was not available to me a few days ago when I tried. After I heard the news, I decided to try it again and it's now enabled on my channel. It might not be available for most users yet but it does look like a whole bunch of people just had that enabled very recently like me.