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Alexa mini prices and places to buy
  • After a few days of going back and fourth ,a couple people and I decided to pull plug on alexa mini . Anyone know if the priceses are all the same with all retailers ? Or do some have more discounts than others in this camera .. a couple years ago when it came out they were saying package starts at 36000$ and go up to 45000$ .. I'm la guy and talk to local dealer able cine and they quoted me 41500$ for body with out any mounts or evf (which we won't need) ,that don't include any extra license ,which we will need to get the anamorphic one .. seeing that make me think basic package went up in prices since it came out? My thinking ,Saving a few thousands on picking the right dealer to buy from not bad thing .. thanks for any input on this

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  • How frequently do you rent an Arri Alexa Mini at the moment?

    "I'm la guy and talk to local dealer able cine and they quoted me 41500$ for body with out any mounts or evf (which we won't need)"

    You'd need at least one mount to come with it.

  • I have rented it handful of times the last year/ since I'm involved more in directing music videos/shorts now rather than DP , We have a tight group of DP/producer that can keep the camera rented out when we are not using it. Yes we thinking PL and EF mount, that price was not including any mounts , just camera body alone..I guess the entry 36000$ no longer? Anamorphic mode lic is 3500$ extra (called Arri today). Tried to look for a good deal on 2nd hand Mini locally, but really not too many people selling them.

  • Ah right, good you already have a clear plan to keep it constantly at work! Something that expensive needs to be at work 24/7

    I imagine it is tough to find a secondhand Mini when it is such a hot camera! Is like why I struggle to find many Sound Devices 633 to buy..... yet I really would like to get one :-/ :-(

    Odd ball thought, have you considered an Arri Alexa Classic? Has the exact same sensor inside it, though in a bigger body.

    Prices are $15K for one, or even less (I've seen $12K recently). Even if it doesn't get worked out as much as a popular Mini would, its much lower price means you should be able to pay back the price of it even faster.

    This by the way should be a helpful ballpark guide for you of prices:

  • Despite the initial inquiry, I would ask Abel Cine Tech to put together a price quote for you on the full package. I have known them since they were an Aaton rental house on Staten Island, before they became this national sales tour-de-force.

    I reached out to them about a metabones speedbooster years ago when the SB was new (and a special order), there was even a discount off list price, because no one in the industry really pays the list price. Then B&H offered it with a more favorable return policy, so I didn't buy it from Abel. The quoted price with discount at Abel matched the street price at B&H, without having to even ask.

    Last winter they had an inventory sale and had some favorable prices and financing available on floor models of the FS7.

    After the sale, they are also a great repair and upgrade support partner for you and your DP/Producer group to keep those lens mounts properly shimmed and your focus pullers happy. In the early days in Staten Island, most of their rental cameras were actually owned by DPs and they guaranteed X rental days per month and to repair any damage back to factory specs, that's how they made it. I'm talking film bodies with very narrow tolerances, and they pulled it off beautifully, the camera owners I knew very very happy with the arrangement. As an AC checking out their cameras, Abel's owners were eager to please, the equipment was good and properly calibrated, none of which was a given in NYC at the time. I am not sure what their rep in LA is at the moment, but, I would start there, asking for a price on the package, any rental potential, and after sales support.

    Also, I suspect the price change might reflect a currency fluctuation.