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TriLens - Simple and quick lens swaps

    The TriLens safely carries up to three of your favourite DSLR lenses and changing your glass has never been faster.

    Eliminate the time and frustration of changing lenses. The TriLens safely carries up to three extra lenses, is rated for loads up to 100 kg and magically keeps track of your lens caps.

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  • ... and guarantees that you'll look ridiculous.

    I'm also not sure that it would necessarily be subtantially faster than just carrying the three lenses in a shoulder bag.

  • For me it is ideal. I cover a lot of ground with one camera, 3 lenses and some batteries. If I could ditch the bag I would but up until now has been a necessary evil.

    I also wear a suit, so allowing the jacket of the suit to go over the top of this is going to look much better and be more comfortable than a shoulder bag.

    Everyone has different needs, for those that don't shoot weddings they will think this is crazy, for those that do, this is the holy grail they have been searching for.