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Gh4 on FCP7 File size problems
  • Hi,

    I just bought a GH4 and I am trying to get it to work with my FCP 7, but is does not really work well yet. I prefer to film in FHD 100Mbps 25P, and I need to film longer than 30 min..The camera is bought in US and does film continuously more than 30, but it chops up the files in small pieces of 4.27GB (6.40 min). There are 2 problems in this: 1) When importing in FCP7 it imports well, but when put on the timeline, "General Error" appears and it will not play it. I have tried to convert to ProRess HQ, and this plays well, but a second problem appears: 2)every 6:40 min I lack 2 frames both audio and video, and this is really not what I need, I need a continuos file for more than 6.40 min...

    What can I do?