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Need: Damaged Speedboster EF-MFT with electronics
  • I'm looking for a Metabones EF-MFT Speedbooster with lens control/electronics ( or or ).

    I want to built a 4/3 to m4/3 speedbooster, to use my 4/3-lenses on my BMPCC and reduce the crop factor. The Metabones is the only one with electronic contacts, on all other adapters the glas element is to large to fit the contacts besides it.

    BUT, as I don't know if that really works and I don't want to spend $600+ for an uncertain experiment (the adapter gets heavily modified/milled), I'm looking for a damaged adapter costing not much more than shipping.

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  • My recommendation - get a cheap speedbooster analog (kipon? Or something) and a Micro 4/3 extension tube with electronic contacts.

  • I'm predicting you will only be able to get macro shots though.

  • @bannedindv thanks for trying, but as I wrote "on all other adapters the glas element is to large to fit the contacts besides it".

    The EF-adapter should be short enough to get infinity focus (there is much more space within the m4/3 mount on the BMPCC than on a GHx, so the glas can go very close to the sensor).

  • Very interested in this project. I have a few 4/3 lenses and BMPCC's and would definitely acquire or DIY this mount if it turned out to be doable.

    @Psycho. Have you asked the developer of Speedbooster if this was technically possible?

  • @spacewig As far as I know someone on another forum did ask Metabones and they did reply that its possible - but they are not going to produce such an adapter, as the market is to small. I would say its even easy to built an adapter like this, as the glas elements can be smaller than the normal adapters.

    I already tried a Zongy lens turbo glas element within a milled/modded Fotodiox housing (they magically have the same thread diameter;-) and it worked...sort of: I can get fokus only as far as 50cm. BUT I tried it with a Nikon-m4/3 glas element which is longer than the EF version and only on my GH2 (the plastic gate within the mount of the GH2 doesn't let the glas get close enough to the sensor). I'm not trying it on my BMPCC at the moment, as I'm shooting a movie with it and don't have a second camera.

    So, there is a good chance that the shorter EF glas will do the trick...but I don't know for sure.

    On the other hand, I might built an adapter with electronic contacts only on the lens side and wire it to an arduino to control the lens (because I'm thinking of upgrading to the BMCC). This way, I can use a larger glas element and could also get wireless fokus/iris control without using a lens gear/stepper motor.