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Connecting Windows 10 to Lumix camera issues
  • Hi,

    Does anybody have any problem with connecting Windows 10 laptop to GH4 or GH3 directly with WiFi? I tried setup cameras as access point and connect to them as usual access point but Windows is in connecting state infinitely. I tried to Add Device and connect from cameras via WiFi direct but after I select laptop in camera nothing happens

    I have no any problem connecting camera in both ways using Android device.

    And if you know how connect camera via WiFi direct in UWP C# it would be a miracle.

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  • May be issue is local - like your Wi-Fi card or such?

  • I tried it with Asus Laptop and MS Surface. I definitely could connect Asus laptop before but dont remember OS.

  • Windows 10 creative update fixed that on both laptops, except WiFi Direct