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Info and ideas request: Static electricity causing Shogun to skip frames
  • Hi!

    I just and finally determined the cause of my Shogun (attached to an a7s) skipping one frame and starting new clips during recording: Static electricity. It didn't always behave like that but for a while now. So I replaced all cables to no avail and when sitting on my sofa and again touching the camera it zipped me and I could see the Shoguns screen go black for an instance. I can reproduce this as often as I want.

    So let this be an info for you, in case you're wondering about the same thing. And if anybody has an idea on how to be permanently earthed while walking and shooting? Much abliged. :)


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  • Happened to me with my Hyperdeck Shuttle too. However I was using HD-SDI not HDMI..SDI is a single core, so earthing issues make sense.. Surprised it happened with HDMI.

    Internally earth is the pcb - so I reckon its the cable and the contact. Try using thicker HDMI cable.

  • Interesting! I'm going out of the camera with a rather small cable adapter to a not so thick short cable (on a Ronin) and from there with a thick cable to the Shogun. So possibly not much I can do here. But I'll try. Thanks!

  • Its the small cable adapter to the gimbal. If its like the thin cables used for drones - there is no protection from EMF fluctuations.

    And its EMF thats causing drops - not static.

  • Can be good idea to show it all to guy who is good in electronics and such stuff.

    Under thicker cable you can mean cable with double shield or at least better shield.

    By idea EMF must not be big issue for short cable.

  • I too am sure it is static and not emf as I really have to touch the cage of the camera or the shogun to induce dropped frames. Thick and at the same time elastic cables for gimbal use are hard to find. For today's shoot I'll try to rig something up with a 9 volts rechargable battery and a antistatic wristband.