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Travel Tripods for Video
  • I currently have the Benro S8 head on Manfrotto 055XPROB legs and it's very cumbersome travelling around on my own.

    For this reason I'd like to look into getting a smaller travel tripod for my video shoots. The only one I can really find that seems decent is the Benro Aero 4, but it's quite pricey.

    Does anyone else know any other alternatives?

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  • Travelling like vacation/backpacking or you mean just getting around the city?

    For city:

    For around the city Manfrotto 535 isn't bad for the specs, but I don't really like the feet that much. Only 5lbs I have the 536, it's 7lbs and only gives you height and a bit more weight capacity. Not worth it for moving around, get 535 instead.

    Benro COM series not bad either, I just got one they discontinued at BH for like $200usd. There's still a small one left on sale (different model), not sure if it fits your needs. I got it because it has bowl mount option and only ~4lbs. But you have to buy the bowl disc separately on eBay ($25 from China).

    Of course you can also get Gitzo series 5, around 6-7lbs, around $1K

    I don't think the Miller Solo is worth the price considering the other options, but I haven't used it so I that's just from what I've read.

    If you are content with using photo tripods then you can use literally anything else (since you didn't mention center column giving you any issues). Also not sure if you like the dual stage or are ok with single stage legs. I don't think a small travel tripod is going to work well if you are panning the S8 on it.

  • Sorry, I'll be a bit clearer.

    I'm a videographer that travels the country with what I can carry. This far I've been carrying a big set of 055XPROB legs, a big Benro S8 and the rest of my kit.

    Now the biggest and heaviest thing which makes travelling to my video shoots uncomfortable is the heavy tripod.

    I'm now looking to lighten the load, by getting a little gimbal and downsizing my tripod to a travel tripod of some sort, but with good video capability.

    This has led me to find the Benro Aero 4 which packs up pretty small and looks as if it has a decent head, but I was wondering whether anyone knew any other alternatives?

    The Aero 4 is about £250 and strangely enough if I sold my currenty S8 and sticks, I 'd still only get about £200 which is a bummer.

  • Also consider the Manfrotto Befree Live. I'm happy with it - don't think you can build a better video tripod at such a low weight (3.9 lbs vs. 5.8 lbs of the Benro Aero 4, yet with the same maximum payload of 8.8 lbs).

  • That's a really interesting option cantsin (and cheaper). That does have a similar video head right? As in it's a fluid head like the Benro S8 etc. Can you speak on the quality of the smooth panning etc?

  • Yes, similar video head with fluid panning but conventional tilting.

  • Thanks cantsin, thanks!

  • Does anyone know if the Chinese have something that competes with the S4 Benro or BeeFree? MeFoto has a decent line but looks like they don't use a video head.