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Photo Printer 2017 recommendation
  • I would like to get some feedback on type of a photo printer people use to print high quality photos up to 19x13 prints and even bigger.

    I come from an older version of Epson SureColor P600 Inkjet Printer which was the r3000 and had really good experience with it.

    I've been always debating on getting laser printer to get rid off the expense of small inkjet cartridges however the paper we use for inkjet printer is not good for laser and I'm not sure if you can even get different type of paper for it (mate, satin, metallic, luster, glossy etc.)

    Nevertheless what would be anyone's professional mid size pick for a photo printer in 2017?

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  • To me, if cost is a concern, Canon's Pixma Pro 100 was just on sale after rebate for around $100 with 50 sheets media.

    Bulk ink refills readily available from Precision colors, about the cheapest cost for non-OEM bulk printing using USA ink with a custom printer profile.

    Check out Jose Rodriguez's videos on youtube, he is a wonderful sage on all things photo printing, and uses both Epson and Canon photo printers.


  • @NickBen Thanks a lot for the YouTube reference. I'll definitely going to check it out. Also I'm ok with "initial " high cost of the product as long as the maintenance is low and the quality of a final product the prints along with simple workflow is there.