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Low cost VFX tool chain with examples
  • Good morning PV!

    Here's a PV report on how to create 3D composites at 4K quality using a tool chain consisting of 'free to use' or low cost tools:

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  • Is there something of a Youtube penalty on tutorials that do not emit at 4KWord a minute?

    This 3D Composites highly compressed tutorial, and lately also the Curtis Judd's reviews can join the group of "learn java programming in 8 hours" or "learn Italian in 24 hours"

  • Kob,

    Thanks for your reply. I made that video and I'm fully aware of the 90 second barrier that exists in the youtube world. So actually, you are in a way, right!

    If I were a famous film-make I could take as long as I liked!

    The problem is that you don't know me, and therefore you're not prepared to invest more than 2 minutes to find out.

    My option is to put as much interesting stuff as I can in 2 minutes which means that I gloss over the details. Then there are the details! The Cheetah3D community reacted in a different way to the PV community. Their reaction is that they hadn't thought of using that combination of applications to get a result.

    In the PV world we're interested in what goes up on the screen and therefore we'll use any tool we can to get a result.

    Quite often someone will say 'why didn't you just ...' and that can be a game changer for a particular scene.

    PV has given me a lot. Years ago a friend of mine asked me to hack his GH2 based on instructions on PV. I got interested, I got hooked on making videos and I'm on my way to making films.

    So. I'm happy to give back a bit. I'll consult with Vitaliy and perhaps I'll include more stages in the next video.

    Kob, I too have felt that videos go too fast:

    in the end I contacted 'TheSirEdric' and found that he didn't work for BlackMagic or Eyeon, but he sent me his compositions and a couple of sentences that allowed me to work out how to do this:

    So that was the process that unlocked Fusion for me.

    I think the most interesting part of the compositing video was the use of Python to inject data in to applications. I'm using more of it these days, but I'm not confident enough to do a definitive tutorial on it!