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Panasonic VariCam Pure With Uncompressed 4K 120 FPS
  • The VariCam Pure outputs RAW files to the Codex Capture Drives, which are solid state recording media of up to 2TB of storage and with a bandwith of 20Gb/s. The 4K recording is offered in uncompressed RAW, at up to 120 FPS. With its 14+ stops of dynamic range in HDR and with V-LOG, the VariCam Pure is used for leading television drama and cinematography capture, offering a modular configuration at a smaller size than the original VariCam setup even when the Codex is attached. The dual base ISO remains at 800/5000.

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  • If you can record uncompressed RAW with this camera, why is "14+ stops of dynamic range" mentioned only along with "in HDR and V-LOG"?

    The uncompressed RAW should contain all the dynamic range the sensor can deliver, not depending on using any specific electro-optical transfer function.

  • marketing is important that is why they use words. Since not everyone undestands that raw has all you need from the sensor.