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Camtool Alpha Beam
  • This new 3-axis gimbal can take cameras up to 2.6Kg. It features a new magnet encoder that has 14-bit encoding. Interested to see what comes out of it.

    Alpha Beam Official Specs.

    • Lightning Weight
      By applying the AL7075 material used in aircraft, it’s increased rigidity but reduced weight.
    • Powerful motor
      Gimbal must be faithful to the original function of gimbal itself. Therefore, it needs the powerful motor. In order to meet this condition, it has equipped with powerful motor while maintain a light weight. experience a maximum torque of small and medium-sized gimbal product.
    • Quick and easy setting/ Stand-alone standing
      It’s not only designed without extra standing cradle but also can save the time such a extra cradle installation.
    • Individual battery insertion
      ALPHA BEAM is basically required 4pcs of 18650 for operation. Each battery can charge individually by charger.
    • Cableless Design
      World’s firstly adopted built-in cable design is completed by the camtool. no such error or failure which is caused by cable disconnection would not occurred at all.
    • Data Speification
      Size : 372mm X 362mm X 105mm
      Weight : 2.6kg (battery include)
      Maintaining Accuracy : 14 bit Encorder
      Permitted Camera weight : 400g ~ 2.6kg (such mirrorless camera, DSLR, canon 5DMK3 16-35mm etc...)

    740 x 4182 - 1M
    831 x 482 - 277K