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Interesting project: Open source cinematic camera
  • This looks interesting (but is still in an early stage with some problems to solve):
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  • That project is a couple of years old. They have made little progress since then due to few manpower. I wouldn't wait for that camera :)
  • 1/2" sensor... gross.
  • Maybe in a distant future... but most of the time clients, "viewers" don't care/know what camera is used to shoot something they are watching on TV/Youtube etc...
  • The idea is very good. The main problem is that the hardware platform is as much in development as is the software.. Which begs the question why people should invest time and money just to get the most basic functions of a camera. (when there are perfectly good cameras on the market already)
    If a major company (like Panasonic) released good, updateable hardware with an open software platform (and test-base for it), it could very well be game over.
    The foundation needs to be efficient and useful in itself - the benefit of open software is in tweaking and implementing functions which the manufacturer never even dreamed of.

    A film camera equivalent of an iPhone could be very successful.
  • @RRRR isn't this already happening with the GH2? (if open or not?)

    Maybe @VK's idea of open (and ours) is basically the same as a can opener,... get in there any way you can!
  • @alcomposer - yes, absolutely! Which is why I think Panny should embrace it and help as much as they can.. Make gh3 fully open - openly assist in it's development.

    Another possibility would be to introduce a modular lineup - somewhere in-between the gh and camcorder series. Basically an expandable GH camera, intended for the enthusiast / pro.