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FS : Came Mini 1 3 Axis Stabiliser
  • Came Mini Version 1 for sale - UK seller


    Came Mini Stabiliser Balance Stand Carry Case (Padded) Joystick Control 8 x 18650 batteries (large capacity)

    Does not include original charger as in my opinion it is not safe to use. Would recommend buyer purchases a D4 Digicharger (£30) Batteries are fully charged so it could be used straight out of the case.

    I have modified the PID settings very slightly in the following way:-

    • I have changed the joystick control to allow tilt up and down and left and right roll (default is tilt and pan)
    • I have increased power very slightly to try and reduce the amount of bounce and on the setup shown in the picture this proved to be very successful
    • I added callibration modes to user settings 4 & 5 for on the fly re-callibration when needed.

    These settings can be reversed with a little knowledge of the SimpleBGC software and I would be more than happy to assist potential buyer with this. However, I personally feel these settings make it better and much more usable for run and gun type situations.

    Some examples of the gimbal in use can be found in all these films:-

    • ( 45 seconds )

    £425 - please PM

    Thanks, Steve

    1 (1).jpg
    1280 x 960 - 72K
    1 (2).jpg
    1280 x 960 - 73K
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