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Hasselblad H6D-100c = 100MP chip - Shoots 4K RAW videos
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  • Cheap affordable stuff.

  • My question is :

    Does the UHD raw recording window the center of the sensor or is it pixel averaged to make giant pixels on the face of the 100mp sensor ?

    Can't seem to find the answer anywhere, also can't tell if anything has been filmed with it yet.

  • Using a Hasselblad has always been about more than what it can do. For photographers at the top of power-conscious genres, such as fashion, impressing the client is a big deal, and the H6D will shine at that.

  • PR

    6D-100c Digital Back – now available stand-alone

    Photographers using technical cameras, and other large format camera systems, are now able to leverage the benefits of Hasselblad medium format and the H6D digital platform.

    The Hasselblad H6D-100c digital back is the ideal solution for photographers who wish to obtain cutting-edge image quality - even in less than ideal shooting conditions, and the wide ISO range with very low high ISO noise ensures high quality images even in poor lighting conditions.

    The H6D-100c digital back has been tailored with photographers’ requirements in mind and its user-friendly interface works seamlessly with a wide range of technical and large format camera systems. Triggering by mechanical and electronic shutter units is also supported.

    Providing photographers with a flexible solution that delivers enhanced and improved image quality, the H6D-100c digital back has been designed to meet photographers’ ever-changing needs. The digital back is built to function with technical and view cameras, offering an unprecedented level of resolution, flexibility, and colour quality.

    At the heart of the digital back is a 100MP 53.4 x 40.0mm CMOS sensor, which delivers a staggering 15 stops of dynamic range and it captures 16-bit colour data using Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution to ensure maximum tonality and detail is captured every time. With its high-quality rear display, iOS based app and HDMI output checking composition and focus, capturing the perfect shot couldn’t be easier.

    On board CFast and SD card slots enables fast capture or for those who prefer to shoot tethered, its USB 3 type-C connectivity makes short work of transferring image files. The H6D-100c digital back is powered by a standard DC supply (12-24vdc), while field users can utilise one of the many third party portable battery pack options available. Ove Bengtson, Hasselblad Product Manager, said, “We have a strong relation with our customers and have a constant flow of ideas that really helps us to improve our products as well as making completely new products. The launch of the H6D-100c digital back is an answer to photographers wanting to use the power of the 100c on third party technical cameras.”

    The H6D-100c Digital Back is available starting from today and retails at EUR 22 000 / USD 26 495 / GBP 19 900 excl. VAT

    Product page is

  • H6D firmware v1.20.0

    • Selectable crop modes in Live View
    • Back-up to secondary card
    • Added EXIF tag: Lens Model
    • Spirit level overlay: More info added (Exposure time, Aperture value, ISO


    Hasselblad's 1.21 Firmware Update demonstrates their commitment to technological innovation with new features for the X1D and H6D

    With the 1.21 Firmware Update, Hasselblad conveys their dedication to continuously develop and enhance its world-renowned camera systems. This most recent firmware update for the X1D and H6D adds to the photographer's ease in not only capturing one's shot, but their options for creativity as well.

    Hasselblad is pleased to announce new updates for both the X1D and H6D including a White Balance Tool, allowing the photographer to set the colour temperature and tint directly on a photograph when shooting. These values can then be applied to all following images until the setting is turned off.

    New features specific to the X1D include an Interval Timer and Exposure Bracketing. Using the Interval Timer, photographers can further their creativity with time-lapse shots. Exposure Bracketing gives users options in their exploration of varied exposure settings, capturing up to 9 frames with customisable sequences of bracketing exposures.

    A highlight particular to the H6D allows for the user to create seven customisable profiles. By accessing the General Settings Menu on the main display, the user can easily navigate to the Profiles Menu and save the current camera settings to one of the seven profiles. With these preset settings customised by the user, the photographer has the tools to swiftly change camera settings without losing time, and ultimately, their shot.

    Firmware updates are available from the "My Hasselblad > Downloads" section online at Users can update their firmware simply by downloading the ".cim" file to an SD card and selecting Firmware Update from the Service Menu on their camera.

    X1D and H6D: v1.21.0

    White balance tool Audio notifications Tethered image import Reset all settings: Option to disable reset of profiles Power Off symbol while shutting down Improved feedback to user when missing card in backup mode Browse Zoom: Long-hold to zoom in to 100% or out to full image (X1D: Hold the AF-D/AE-L button; H6D: Hold the True Focus button)

    X1D: v1.21.0

    Interval timer Exposure bracketing New setting: Shutter speed limit for Auto ISO, P- and Full Auto Mode Custom Button for Crop Modes - Replace "Crop Mode Cycle" with "Crop Mode Next" and "Crop Mode Previous" Zoom into coordinates of the focus point for the image just taken Browse images and pan when zoomed-in in EVF with swipe on touch-pad area on display Start live view automatically in EVF after browsing on rear LCD X1D - Audio playback through camera speaker during video playback Auto focus support for all HC/HCD Lenses (except HC120 Macro) when using the XH Lens Adapter

    H6D: v1.21.0 Profiles HDMI - Pan in zoomed-in with touch-pad area on display

    New Lens Firmware HC-HCD 19.0.3 and XCD 0.5.20:

    Hasselblad is also pleased to announce new firmware for XCD, HC & HCD lenses including autofocus support for the following Hasselblad H System lenses when used on the X1D camera with an XH adapter: HCD24, HC150, HC150N, HC210, HC300, HCD35-90 and HC50-110. For further details, please see release notes at

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