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Proaim stabilizer kit quality ?
  • Can anyone comment on the quality of Proaim gear? I'm in need of a wearable stabilizer and I'm considering the PROAIM 7300 Stabilization System. It's substantially cheaper than any other solution (that can handle my camera weigh requirement).

    Thanks for any info!
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  • You need to ask professional steadicams operators.

    As far as I remember they do not like their full sets much (wests part).
    But some use their top stabilizers.
  • I bought a ProAim 15mm rails rig a year ago. It was crudely machined and the rails were made of soft aluminum. I would not recommend ProAim products to anyone.
  • @LPowell
    We have simple policy here.
    No brands talks. Especially negative.
    You can say anything about specific stuff if you have any problems.
    But do not transfer this to other products made by same company.