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Field monitor for black magic camera
  • hi, guys: I am a newcomer, just own a black magic camera, very pleased with it, but I need a bigger size screen/monitor as an extra display, high resolution,light design and affordable price will be best, you know I am just starting to use a monitor! so you guys can suggest me one monitor?

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  • Ikan d5w or d7w works without issues. If waveform and false color is not important then you can go with the models that don't have these features. In the used market, these will be cheaper than getting a new BM Video Assist.

  • thanks guy, but as beginning,i just want a bigger size monitor as an extra display to see bigger image, no need advanced features,at this moment, so need to find a simple one

  • Lilliput 663s is pretty good and very cheap. little dated but still very useable

  • Hmm. Which camera do you have? The pocket or the Cinema Camera or ...? (That´s important according SDI vs HDMI.) With SDI it´s good to have the SDI port built into the monitor. (As external converters are quite "fiddly" and also need power.)

    In general the Lilliput 663/S2 (or 663/P2 -> HDMI only model) is quite nice yes. (But bulky and very heavy - And only get the S2 or P2 models. Not the older 663/S and 663/P ones. The software got fixed with the newer ones bugs AND features wise).

    If you don´t need the features (and want something lighter and cheaper) you can also check out the Feelworld FW759 (or pay a few bucks more for the FW759P with additional scopes). Picture wise REALLY nice - As cheap as possible (at this level of quality) - And REALLY lightweight (but robust). And it´s also coming with an 1280x720 IPS panel like the 663/P2 and 663/S2 models from Lilliput.

    The Neway Vitaliy linked to is for sure also nice - But price wise more than double of the Feelworld. But nice features (like Full-HD panel, 4K input compatibility, nice scopes and features). Plus update port (for user updates in the future).

  • I'm using the Feelworld FW759, as at the time I felt it gave me the best bang for your buck, but if I was buying one today I'd certainly go with a Aputure FineHD VS-2 instead! :-D (or VS-1 if you want a cheaper one that skips on features)

    Because it gives you a lovely 1920x1080 7" display!

  • Either that or spend a little more and get the Blackmagic Design Video Assist

  • if I was buying one today I'd certainly go with a Aputure FineHD VS-2 instead!

    Avoid Aputure monitors :-) At least for now.

  • @IronFilm: Keep in mind - The original Aputure versions had a few problems (especially according colour accuracy). Also the scopes were offset (as soon as you tried to calibrate the screens). Maybe the new ones are better - But just wanted to mention that. The FW759 is quite accurate colours wise from scratch on (even without calibartion by yourself). And it´s noticeably cheaper ^^.

    The Video Assist is nice - But only coming with an TN panel (with worse viewing angles).
    PLUS you need to get one anyway - It´s not availalbe THAT widespread actually. ^^

  • Hopefully other manufacturers will bring in cheap cheap affordable 1920x1080 monitors, as at the moment the Aputure FineHD is the only ones out there :-/

  • Well - The Neway Vitaliy posted is quite "affordable" for what it´s offering ^^:

  • I use a 7Q+ 4k recorder and A much cheaper MustHD 7 that also has a good screen and both SDI & HDMI.

    If you want smaller, there is the high res PIX-E5 4k recorder or the much cheaper BM assist .

  • What kinds of camera you use?Now many monitors do not support 4K.

  • hi, guys, thank you all your suggestion, I will try feelworld FW759 with histogram and support 4K, as a beginning,it will be basic for me, if you guys can share with me your experience with this monitor?

  • The video seems the Feelworld FW759 is good,i will also take one,where can i buy it? any one help me?

  • @lovephoto: Don´t oversee to get the FW759P (which is the model with advanced features). The FW759 is coming without those. 4K support isn´t there with the FW759 models - But you can use any 1080 or 720 output. The video is from me btw. - REALLY nice screen at that low price point.

    @davidlawson: You can get the FW759 even over Amazon now - But if you want to get the advanced model (FW759P) you need to order in china directly. Got mine over Ebay (from a chinese dealer). But you can also order it over Aliexpress for example.

  • But if you want to get the advanced model (FW759P) you need to order in china directly. Got mine over Ebay (from a chinese dealer). But you can also order it over Aliexpress for example.

    Best idea is order any Feelworld monitor via PV as it is directly from manufacturer :-) Cheaper and much better support.

  • I've struggled with focusing the BM 4K quite a lot, particularly when below f4.

    Even the double tap on the rear monitor is not enough to tell if you are focused on an eye or the tip of a nose. It can really disappoint when focus is a gnat's hair out and you only find out at the edit stage.

    Right now my solution is to use the BlackMagic SmartView HD, which is a very slim 17 inch monitor with a 19 inch rack mount case. For the moment, I simply attach it to a lighting stand.

    I've asked BlackMagic (at the BVE) to make the double tap zoom and the focus button on the URSA configurable so that it can get in to 16x or the like.

    I also use two monitors that I got through PV that have good zooms to confirm focusing, these get used for conference work.

    Regards Andy

  • Good monitor, high resolution, very professional

  • Now Feelworld releases one new 7 inch HDMI monitor with 1920x1200 resolution, to support histogram, false color, and zebra exposure. And the price is very nice.

  • Guys whats a good 10-12 inch or so sdi directors monitor (HD is ideal) with anamorphic de squeeze (if possible under 400-600$) second hand is fine

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev do you have the 7 inch HD feelworld on deals? Nice for GH5...