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Cinematographer Pro for Nikon guys
  • Very interesting software:


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  • That's freaking superb. Jealous much!
  • This software is made really well. That focus peaking is something extremely useful.

    Hopefully other manufacturers will follow.
  • I have big doubts in manufacturers :-)
    As adding of USB 3.0 port and simple API to cameras could mean huge changes in this market.
  • As a Nikon shooter I am also hopeful that they will be the true revolutionary dslr video company as they don't have any video line to protect, until now I have been always disappointed. They are late for there pro line of photo cameras and perhaps the endless wait will give rise to something really special.
  • Forgot to comment about the above (Was too focus on my Nikon rant :) Ver interesting software, it would be special if they could implement a usb 3 interface and stream the uncompress signal through it. An application as the above and being able to capture the signal using a laptop would be very nice. No need of specialized monitor, and recorder.
  • For those interested, here's a link to my video comparison of the GH1, GH2 and the Nikon D5100, which along with the D7000, can be tethered to Cinematographer Pro:

    In addition, most AF-D Nikon F-mount lenses have manual aperture rings, making them compatible with both Nikon D7000/D5100 and Panasonic GH1/GH2 cameras. I've compiled a list of the most video-friendly examples of these lenses here:

    The same company which makes Cinematographer Pro also offers a still photography remote control app called "Control My Nikon". I have both apps and find them useful, but with reservations. Their major attraction for me is providing real-time RGB and Luminance histograms in Live View mode, which neither the D5100 nor D7000 display on their LCD's. Without a means to gauge exposure, the most practical way to shoot with these DSLR's is to rely on their light meters to set the cameras' Auto-ISO feature for you.

    Unfortunately, there are two major drawbacks to using Cinematographer Pro with Nikon D5100 and D7000 cameras:

    * When CPro is activated in Live View mode, the camera's LCD goes black and the camera controls stop working. Camera menu settings are inaccessible to CPro, making it impossible to change any of the camera's settings.

    * CPro lacks an on-screen interface to set Exposure Compension, which is absolutely needed for adjusting the camera's video exposure in Live View mode.
  • To be fair to CPro, it doesn't 'lack' the interface....just Nikon won't let them :-)

    As @danyyyel mentioned, hopefully, Nikon without a line of pro camera gear to protect, can wade in with some size 13 steel toe cap boots and push the market further. Nikon are always a few steps behind, but their longevity in the market speaks volumes.