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ZOOM H1 can`t sync
  • Hello, recently bought myself ZOOM H1 recorder. First I was happy as a clam but later I found that ZOOM skips sound and I cant sync it with video. Also it records very quiet + audio spectrum is very short so its hard to sync. What can I do? How to fix this problem? I even recorded video to show this problem -

    (start watching after 0:44)

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  • :-)

    It is quite hard to understand anything.

    First. If recorder is mounted where camera is - you are doing all wrong.

    Second. You are not showing any spectrum as you think :-)

    Spectrum plot looks like this (colors can be different in different apps)

    Third. It is very hard to understand that it means "skips".


  • I've used one for some years. You should buy the fastest memory card you can afford, and that will probably cure the 'skipping' - sounds like it's dropping frames. Never had a problem with levels, but I use a pre-amp with mine - I have a juicedlink.