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  • while hdr video is not real, it seems the best way to increase dynamic range is to use slog, vlog and clog.

    When we record video using vlog, slog or clog, does sony, canon and panasonic provide luts for we apply in post production? or we need to develop our custom luts? or we need to buy luts?

    I ask this because I think if we need to develop luts it will be a long waste of time... and if we use third part luts maybe it will not have the look we want...

    so main question is about if manufacturers provide luts for post production. and, if not, what would be the easy solution...

    if someday I surrender myself to slog, vlog or clog, I would like to have easy solution for luts in post... not a waste of time in each scene...

    please share your experience with luts,

    thanks in advance!

    (observation: when I say luts I just what to recover the correct look from the log image, not different grading)

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  • LUTs are available from the manufacturers. DaVinci Resolve has both LUTs & colour management for log camera formats. Sometimes I prefer to use my own settings based on the image requirements. LUTs can cause clipping if the input range is not matched to what the LUT expects.

  • Well, LUT is just simple matrix.

    If you make multiple color adjustments and transformations overall result can be also represented using same matrix.

  • Sony provides the free Catalyst Browse, which recognizes for Sony and some other cameras, that the shots were taken in S log or equivalent and allows you to view them with an appropriate LUT (say, REC709 or some hypergamma (Cine). You can then tweak the clip(s) using a large number of controls (and viewed on scopes) viewing the clips in REC709.

    And then you can create and export from your tweaked clip your own LUT, which incorporates any changes you made and the Sony LUT, with one click. Presumable the program's LUTs are the most appropriate for the Slog and camera used. You can import your customized LUT into your favorite editor.

    This video was shot in Slog 2 and used the REC709 LUT created in Catalyst Browse:

    This test video was not intended to achieve a "look," filmic or otherwise, but to see how Sony translated Slog 2 to REC709.

  • Thanks guys, seems to be easy to do. Video looks good.

  • When grading Panasonic GH4 V-log footage, I have found that using the Resolve Colour Management or ACES workflows and avoiding the V-log LUT (or other LUT) allows me to minimise the banding effects with internally recorded 8bit files. I also find that using no Resolve Colour Management at all, (rec709 settings) and using curves to grade also looks better than using the LUT method.

  • @caveport Any link describing how to use ACES workflow with gh4 blog-l?

  • It's just the same as any ACES workflow. Nothing special when using Vlog. The Resolve Manual has plenty of information.