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4K UHD editing - GH4, G7
  • Simple question: is it possible to edit the 4k UHD mp4 or mov files from gh4 and g7 using the native files without transcode and get a good playback performance in timeline? or the playback will be choppy? or transcode is a must have? Is adobe premiere the best solution for 4k uhd editing using native files? thanks.

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  • Edius have been best for me. But that is if you have pc and intel i7 cpu

  • Apefos, it depends very much on your configuration, Cpu, ram and gpu, also speed of your storage, so there is no single definite answer. On slower systems you will get better real time playback performance with codecs that are less compressed etc. Dependng where your bottleneck is you need to adapt your workflow pipeline to get optimum editing enviroment.

  • I recommend Premiere Pro with a six core i7 overclocked till it smokes and a CUDA card. It will play on a four core, however, just not with a lot of effects. As everyone says, depends on the system, don't use a turtle hard drive I don't transcode.

  • On a iMac 5k retina with 4gb AMD graphics card, UHD GH4 footage is fine to work with on FCPX.

  • Gh4 footage with lumetri color correction and warp stabiliser playbacks fine on premiere with no droped frames on a Z600 2x Xenon 5570 and quadro 2000 1gb and slow HD