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Zoom H1 - Juicedlink CX231 - NTG2
  • So I'm thinking about this setup since I've come across the JL preamp as a bargain. Yet I'm quite a beginner as it comes to sound.

    The Juicedlink doesn't have headphones input. However, the Zoom H1 does. Can I monitor the sound via the Zoom then? And in which way will this be a reliable headphone output volume? Do I need special cables? Or ways to set the Juicedlink pre-amp?

    Help will be appreciated


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  • Why you can't monitor on H1? You can. Headphone volume depend on headphones also.

  • You can monitor through VU and headphones on Zoom H1.

  • @Vitaliy Kiselev Also with a pre-amp inbetween? How about headphones without volume control? The Juicedlink model doesn't have a volume indicator, so how would I be able to hear I'm on a sufficient volume?

    @Cid What do you mean with VU? If you mean Volume indicator, this pre-amp model doesn't have one.

    thanks for quick response by the way.

  • Kiselev Also with a pre-amp inbetween?

    Yes, of course. You need to monitor final result. About levels - you'll need to look at H1 screen for level indicator.

  • Great, I'll try soon enough and will show it goes.

  • Just get the Tascam DR-60D, they're going ridiculously cheap, especially if you dig around second hand a little.