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  • My question or observation in need of confirmation is on the format conversion function. I need to convert my G7 4K footage to either FHD MP4 or MOV but I'm having an issue. The first is that my 24 fps footage is being converted to 30 fps and I see no way to stop that. Is this the way it is or a bug anyone else notice it? The other issue is I converted to both MP4 and MOV and the MOV file seems to be identical to the UHD file visually but the MP4 version definitely has increased contrast. Can anyone explain this? Looking for any solution or suggestions. I'm using Resolve 12 to edit which on my system has a very difficult time with the UHD files which is why I need to convert.

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  • PHOTOfunSTUDIO how is related to this?

  • Sorry should have been clear this is the format conversion function built in Panasonics PhotfunStudio and I'm trying to understand why it is this way, if I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug? As a side note when joining 4K clips in PhotoFunStudio you can specify the fps but not in the 4K conversion.

  • Well surprised no one could answer or confirm these questions/observations. If anyone is interested I decided to just use Resolve to convert the files using the render timeline as individual source clips.