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Field monitor (only) with features like Atomos Shogun
  • Hi!

    As I browsed the web on the advantages (or lack thereof) of using a Shogun with my GH4 I realized that I'd really like to have all those software features on my field monitor. Since I am not going to need external recording I was a monitor-only solution comparable to the Shogun. 1080p would be nice also.

    Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!


    @Vitaliy_Kiselev Here's a list of my desired features (could have thought of that myself...):

    • Custom frame guides
    • 1080p
    • IPS display (or whatever technology bright enough for outdoor usage)
    • normal HDMI port (not mini or micro)
    • waveforms, RGB levels and histogram would be nice but are not a necessity.
    • focus peaking
    • 7 or 8 inch
    • a nice user interface

    It doesn't have to be cheap (it couldn't be).

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  • Can you provide list of all required features?

  • SmallHD DP7 or AC7

  • That 1080 monitor/recorder/video Assist for $500 USD from Black Magic looks promising…

  • The BMD Video Assist is what I'm holding my breath for! Likely I'll get it as soon as I read a few reviews on it.

  • yeah, if it was just a little bigger. I looked and couldn´t find any reviews so far.

    The SmallHD options all have 1280 resolution.

  • Video devices PIX-E units look promising. But they're not yet available.

    I guess I am going with a Shogun afterall. There's a 300$ offer if you buy it together with certain cameras and it will hold up for a few years and cams to come.

  • If weight is a concern, the PIX-E7 might not be your best option anyway. My E-5 is like a little tank, both in terms of build quality and weight. The 7 is going to be a monster.

  • Although having a recorder's great, I really am looking at the TVLogic 058W. 1080P and lots of advanced function is great for someone like me who DP, camera op, and 1st AC on various productions.

  • Jack, have you used 8 inch monitors before? I reckon 5inches is just ideal and not too unwieldy.

  • @IronFilm Yes I have. I don´t really see myself running around with the shogun mounted on my Ronin. I have a 5" on there. The shogun would go on a tripod or on a neck strap for the assistant with the follow focus.

  • If you don't need SDI inputs, the newly announced Atomos Ninja Assassin might fit the bill:

    It's basically a Shogun without the SDI connectors and audio breakout cable (no XLRs, etc). But it sounds like otherwise the firmware should be similar to the Shogun. Weighs a bit less than the Shogun as well.

    Pricing is $1295 which seems reasonable for a 4K recorder, but might be a bit expensive for just a monitor.