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Youtube videos re slightly out of sync. Why?
  • I've noticed my videos are now slightly not-synchronized, after they have been uploaded for months, for an unknown reason. I mostly view them in Google Chrome. But I don't think it's browser related.

    I shoot with a hacked Panasonic GH2, mostly Flowmotion V2. My upload codecs are usually h264 .mp4 varying from 24fps to 50fps. Nothing too extreme. When rendered and exported everything is pretty much synced. But on Youtube they are off.

    I work on a Macbook Pro Retina (late 2014) 2.2 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM

    Does anyone know why or how to fix this? Or is it just me and am I going crazy.

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  • Get apps or sites that can download youtube footage to file and use local player.

    P.S. one video is pretty enough, and do NOT use words in caps in titles.

  • Not sure about YouTube but I've noticed Vimeo shifts audio by 3 frames. When rendering for Vimeo I'll shift the audio +3 and it seems to line up when played back on Vimeo.

  • I've noticed sync out of the in camera sound tracks of the GH2 and GH4 being 1-2 frames late, but, rarely enough for me to adjust it in post.

  • I tested it. And I think it also depends onnthe hack. About Vimeo; I knew that. Kinda sucks, cause it takes extra render time for those 3 frames. @aaronchicago

  • Never noticed the in camera out of sync? I agree that the difference is very small. But I'd say that I'm a perfectionist and it kinda boders me. @CFreak