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Fujifilm X100

    Good review about X100. Excellent DR and noise control. But slower AF than Oly m43.
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  • I had owned E-PL1 for a day. Very good JPEG color, IBIS on all lenses for photo only, wireless TTL on 36R and 50R flashes. All great for photo perspective... except slow shutter lag. It's about twice slower than GH2. That's not good for candid style work. GH2 + 14/2.5 + 20/1.7 is a darn good gear for street photography better than Fuji X100. GH2's AF shutter lag is about twice faster than E-PL2. GH2's MF shutter lag is 3 times faster than AF shutter lag. 0.077s!!!

    The poll is saying majority of users want 3 things from E-P3. Improved sensor, built-in viewfinder, and faster AF. We already have one doing all. GH2.

    I wish... Oly sells camera body department to Panny along w/ all body patents such as wireless TTL, JPEG engine, IBIS, art filters, etc.
  • >The poll is saying majority of users want 3 things from E-P3. Improved sensor, built-in viewfinder, and faster AF. We already have one doing all. GH2.

    Good thing is that Olympus don't give a shit.

  • Oly ain't looking good at all. Yes that could be a good thing in the long run.

    I don't think Oly m43 "body" biz will last long. Just sell body patents to Panny. End the stupidity.
  • Valhalla, N.Y., September 5, 2013 - FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced a new firmware v2.0 update that dramatically improves the performance of the original FUJIFILM X100, the first model in the premium X-Series line of digital cameras.

    Since its release in March 2011, Fujifilm has received meaningful feedback from X100 photographers throughout the world, and the firmware upgrade reflects many of their requests. This new firmware update delivers improved autofocus and manual focus, as well as other convenient features for users who update their FUJIFILM X100.

    "Photographers around the world have trusted their images to Fujifilm and the X-Series, and this new firmware update is concrete evidence that we are not only listening to our customers, but also working hard to improve our products on a continuous basis," said Manny Almeida, senior vice president and general manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

    Key Features of New X100 Firmware v2.0

    Improved Auto Focus

    • Approximately 20% faster AF speed and enhanced focus distance compared to the previous firmware version
    • Close-up focus distance shortened by 30% before needing to switch to macro mode

    Improved Manual Focus

    • New Focus Peaking function assists in manual focusing by enhancing the outline of the subject in high contrast
    • Improved focusing via the EVF or LCD when using wide apertures

    Improved Operability

    • The camera start-up time has been shortened by approximately 0.2 seconds.*1
    • Pressing the AF button now toggles the focus area selection screen, and the area of your choice can then be selected

    The X100 firmware v2.0 update will be available on September 10.

    To download the new firmware and instructions on upgrading your cameras, please visit:

  • thanks Vitaliy - good news

  • I'm still waiting for the update but nothing! It would fix crucial problems that now make me leave the camera in the bag. I'm afraid Fujifilm is only focusing on the new x100s and will forget about us, struggling with portrait pictures at less than 1 meter distance...

  • Fujifilm has released free dedicated firmware for the X100 camera that will dramatically improve its autofocus and manual focus performance.

    The new firmware provides the following improvements:

    1. AF Speed will be approximately 20% faster for bright scenes, dark scenes and changed focus distance.
    2. Before switching to macro mode, the focus distance from the lens surface has been improved by approximately 30%.
    3. The “Focus Peak Highlight” function which features on the X100S and X20 cameras has been added via this firmware update. It assists with accurate and sensitive manual focusing by enhancing the outline of the subject in high contrast.
    4. When adjusting focus with the electronic viewfinder or LCD, it will now be easier to capture the focus peak by displaying the image with a shallow depth of field using open aperture.
    5. The start-up time for the X100 has been improved by approximately 0.2 seconds (with Quick Start mode off).
    6. Previously, the focus area was selected while holding the AF button on the back of the camera. With the firmware update, pressing the AF button switches to the focus area selection screen where you can select the area of choice.

    Visit the Fujifilm global website at .

  • Finally they did it. This is a great day. Thank you Fujifilm. My camera is not for sale anymore.

  • @davjd Can you send some feedback about the update here after using it? (especially regarding manual focus)

  • @MarcioK I will asap. I'm curious about manual focusing improvements, until now it has been unusable

  • Yes!!! thanks FUJI - AF is in fact much faster - No update problems - X100 is still the number 1 for FUJI (EXR-Sensor!!)

  • @MarcioK Yes, now AF is a bit faster and seems you can focus at closer distance before switching to macro. BUT what I was surprised and really happy about is that manual focusing is now possible. Focusing ring is responsive and with the peaking function you can easily focus manually by using the viewfinder in electronic mode. If you leave optical viewfinder you obviously don't see fucusing result, but you still have the distance scale under control. Great.

  • First they created the camera, after they made it usable. Now that is usable I started using it. I strongly suggest SPOT photometry, specially if you use manual exposition. I also suggest trying DR at 400% - it works at 800 Iso and over, but in daylight you can use ND filter. I will mostly use camera with manual focus.

  • One silly thing I do not understand. In totally manual operation the camera reads the light of a scene not always the same, sometimes the meter says it's overexposed, sometimes ok, sometimes under, and that's ok, I mean there could be something in the scene that fouls the camera. The problem is that consequently one picture is overexposed, one it's ok, one it's underexposed! But if I set a iso value, a speed value and a aperture value, shouldn't all the shots - of the same scene at the same moment - be the same?? So that's not a real manual mode, or there's a bug, or my camera needs assistance

  • But if I set a iso value, a speed value and a aperture value, shouldn't all the shots - of the same scene at the same moment - be the same??

    As I understand you are talking about camera suggestion. And while shot will be almost the same (you still slightly move camera or change angle) it can be that intellectual system decides that to make shot properly exposed you must change parameters. Nothing too wrong with it as suggestions can be quite complex in modern cameras, especially with contrast scenes or scenes with light in frame.

  • I'm talking about shot result: in manual mode if you keep fixed parameters and shoot 3 or 30 times at the same scene you should get 3 or 30 identical pictures (despite the exposition meter can give 3 or 30 slightly different suggestions). With my x100, instead, I get 3 or 30 differently exposed pictures if the exposition meter reads the scene in 3 or 30 different ways (but not always...). I mean, the exposition meter should give suggestion to the photographer on how to set correct manual exposition, in my case instead it changes the result of the picture... I'll update from 2.0 to late 2.01 firmware and see if everything gets back to work --Last edit: No no. Sticky blades, that's the problem! The diaphgram blades get stuck, and I just discovered it affects many X100 and X100s models.

  • Sticky blades update: Fujifilm fixed the problem for free, by replacing the lens.

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