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Los Angeles (Under 6th street bridge/LA river) filming location question
  • I got an artist/singer inquire about filming a music video mostly based around under the 6th street bridge in LA ( like the movie Grease) .it will consist of him singing , and a mini car race.. Has anyone here ever filmed at that location, and how hard will it be to get approval , also any idea of cost ? Never really shot near downtown area , most of the locations I shot before are more like privet locations or studio environment. Thanks for any input.

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  • If you're shooting a car race, you'll definitely need to go through the proper channels. Contact FilmLA for permit information:

  • Thank you Htinla for info, how about if its just normal acting/singing, running etc , is that more easier to get access for in that location?

  • You can shoot pretty much anywhere in LA as long you've secured the proper permits and insurance. You can also try, like I and many others do, to film until someone (a security guard, police officer) ask for a permit which if you don't have one then the party is over. If this is a paid gig, do yourself and the client a favor and get a permit through FilmLA. If there isn't money for permits, then maybe the production needs to be scaled down or try shooting on private property with the owner's permission.

  • You may not have much time, the cement in the viaduct is disintegrating and is slated for demolition beginning Aug 17th to Dec 4th. The actual viaduct may be demolished closer to the end of the year. Work crews will be there 7am to 3pm. Not only Film L.A. , but the demolition contractor, Skanska Stacy and Witbeck needs to be contacted in order to know what is being shot there.

    Veronica Manzo Diaz, Jobs Coordinator

    Skanska Stacy and Witbeck

    Telephone : 213-400-8398


    If shooting on location is ruled out, you might want to check with Stargate Studios to see if they have the LA river/viaduct on file in the Virtual Backlot.

  • Thanks Guys for the help with this, I ended up going thru film la , which was alot easier than I thought, permit and insurance did cost a little more than I wanted, but results were great....funny thing of the whole day of filming in downtown la , bridge and riverbed not one cop stopped and asked us about permit .

  • Glad to hear that everything went smoothly. Not only that, but your music video now has the distinction of being one of the last filmed in that historical location before it's completely remade. Could you provide a link to the finished video?

  • I know its a good feeling, we did a car race in the river bed , mostly go pro on cars inspire from top , and fs700 as main camera ,Yes for sure