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GH2 Screen Orientation?
  • Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out if there is a setting somewhere within the GH2 that switches the screen orientation to be reversed when flipping the LCD around to face towards the talent (same direction as the lens is pointing)?

    I've got a camera from someone who shoots vlog-style video all the time and she thinks she bumped a button recently while focusing, making it so that now she sees an inverted image.

    I've looked high and low through the camera menus, as well as searched extensively on Google, and I am stumped. Does anyone know if this is a capability the camera has?


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  • I think it depends on how far you turn the LCD screen. If I remember correctly, if you turn it facing forward, it does what you described. She can check by testing, but not sure if this can be turned on and off. But you can google " Panasonic GH2 manual" and get a PDF version of the Panasonic manual for GH2. Hopefully they have explanation there for you.

  • Do you mean flipped right-side-up, or mirrored left-to-right? When you rotate the screen more than about 110 degrees, both things happen, so that you see yourself just like looking in a mirror. There's a switch in the joint detecting the angle of rotation.

    If you see yourself upside-down, then the switch is broken.

  • Thanks for the replies. I meant left-right orientation. Maybe it's just a matter of reducing or changing the LCD angle. Basically what she was used to was having the left-right flipped so that what feels like right and left to her (facing the LCD & lens) are also left and right on the display.

    I did try playing around with the LCD for a while and couldn't seem to force it to flop the orientation like that, but I'll look into it some more. Thanks!