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ASUS Zenbook UX303LB-DS74T/UX303LN-R4274H: Anything Better Than This?
  • Been searching for a more portable laptop to use than my Late 2013 rMBP 15. I don't mind losing a bit of CPU grunt in exchange for reduced size and improved battery life. The biggest hurdle I've found is finding a competitive screen. I had previously narrowed it down to the new Dell XPS 13 and Acer R13, but the Dell has issues with firmware locked adaptive brightness, and the Acer had horrible viewing angles. Beyond those, it seems like the ASUS UX303 line, specifically the LN (now LB in the US) version with the Nvidia GPU, is the best match for me. The ones listed in the title are roughly the same, just different naming for different regions and a different LCD. Here's a good review with specs:

    I really can't find any faults as far as specs, performance, or battery life. Only thing left is to see the screen in person. Is there anything else with similar or better specs at a similar price ($1299 USD w/1800p display + 512GB SSD) that can compare? I'd rather not go back to Apple, as the only reason I bought the rMBP 15 was for the hardware, and I haven't warmed up to OS X or the gimped flavor of Windows run in Parallels and Boot Camp.

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  • Check Lenovo link at , they have some sale now. Nit too small still.

    If I where you I'll look at the note with upgradable memory and upgradable SSD (mSATA or such) and with 4K IPS screen. Even if refurbished or such.

  • Way too heavy. That's kind of like a Windows version of my rMBP 15, same as the Dell XPS 15. I'd prefer around 3lbs, as the 4.5lb rMBP is a lead weight in my backpack with the rest of my gear. The Acer R13 (3.3lbs) wasn't bad at all as far as heft, and the ASUS is 3.2. The XPS 13, at 2.6/2.8lbs (1080p matte vs 1800p touchscreen), was amazing, but the backlight kills it.

    Also, the ASUS has both a regular SATA drive and a half size mSATA slot, so I can still expand the storage beyond just carrying external drives with me. Full 4K res isn't super important to me, as 3200x1800 is close enough, especially at that ppi, and I usually export in 1080p anyway (only 4K camera I have is GoPro Hero4 Black). Doesn't seem to be much market for expandable memory in slimmer laptops, and it's slowly dying off in more portable laptops in general, too.

    Keep in mind that this is just for portable editing on a limited basis. I have a desktop at home that will do the heavy lifting. ;)