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Wireless Streaming GH4 to external monitor
  • I am looking for a live-viewing solution when filming on my GH4. I need to find a solution where the GH4 picture is transferred to any HDMI device such as a Aputure vs-2 or desktop monitor. I need clients to watch as well as mount my aputure vs-2 on the remote controller of the ronin-m.

    DJI itself seems to have some general solution which I have not yet testet. Any user experience?

    Are there any other wireless system solutions?

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  • Yep, you can get DVB-T low power modulators (cheapest ones are USB, only sadly). And use any DVB-T receiver (including very cheap micro USB ones for tablets or phones).

    Or such thing - and HDMI splitter.

  • Good Link, thank you Vitaliy!