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FS: Leica R lens set Cine-modded EF mounts
  • Leica r lens set from 21mm to 90mm

    All the glass is in great condition (I have included pictures of the front and rear elements of every lens) and scratch free. There is some small dust particles on the glass, but they are all external. No internal particles of note.

    All lenses are in good to great condition. The only lens that has any issues at all is the 21mm f4. The issue is very minor. The front of the lens where the filter thread is has a small amount of movement front to back. It doesn't effect anything performance wise or visually with the lens. Just want to be thorough in my descriptions.

    All lenses have focus gears installed with 82mm diameters.

    The 35-70mm has two gears installed. One for zoom and one for focus. The focus gear is huge to accommodate the telescoping of the lens as it zooms in and out. The gear will catch a follow focus gear through the entire range of focus and zoom.

    The 28mm doesn't have the gear or the front lens sticker yet, but the gear is on its way, and it will be installed as soon as it arrives. It will be the same as the rest of the set. I will re-upload the pics of the 28mm lens as soon as the gear gets here.

    Leica R 21mm f4 ser no. 2614663 Leica R 28mm f2.8 ser no. 3039902 Leica R 35-70mm f3.5 ser no. 3285508 Leica R 50mm f2 ser no. 2923077 Leica R 90mm f2.8 ser no. 2537961

    $3000.00 for the set. I can throw in my Storm case for the lenses for another $100.

    PM me if you are interested. Payment through Paypal is preferred so we are both protected by Paypal's policies.

    3316 x 2070 - 955K
    28mm rear element.jpg
    2909 x 2499 - 1M
    28mm pic.jpg
    3888 x 2592 - 2M
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  • 28mm has focus gear installed.

    Here are the pics.

    2036 x 1904 - 576K