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Meet Cine-Altin Knight Driver
  • The only equipment, screw driver that makes sense. Easy to handle and difficult to lose on the set. It will eliminate the constant search for a quarter in the depths of your pocket. It is durable and none bendable. And will look more professional. It is still in the prototype stages, but it is going to get a nice and thick rubber head grip and more improvements to the design! I would like any inputs or suggestions from my film colleagues. What do you think?

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  • Genius. Make it look cooler - what is with the little wing? Make sure the retracting cable is a good looking quality unit.

  • Thank you very much for your reply! Yes it will look much cooler when its made. Currently I am looking to get rubber grips made for them. And the wing was just a part of my keychain :) it had nothing to do with the product. And yes I am looking to make a unique looking design for the badge reel with heavy duty cable! Cheers, Altin