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MOZA Light - below $1000
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    Designed for lightweight cameras (Sony a7S, Panasonic GH4, BMPCC, CANON 5D Mark III, etc.), MOZA Lite has everything you need built right in. Capture the action!

    656 x 642 - 38K
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  • Look like a great option.

  • Looks really nice on paper and the price is right but the footage samples of the regular Moza are rather underwhelming.

  • The wireless remote controller and video transmitter is really worth the add-on.

  • The video look so much smoother than Ronin M!

  • Moza stated on youtube the footage has no warp in post. They sold it with that video.. Looks smooth even running.

  • does look pretty good, wonder if it can handle c100 - weight isnt a problem but the c100s tallness hampers it although it looks like it could work on the ronin m

  • put a good lens on C100 and you are breaking it's weight limits.

  • really? max payload it says is 3kg, c100 is 1kg body plus a battery 200g and lens - way under. Was thinking of the canon 10-18mm which is only 240g

  • Has anyone preordered? I am considering preordering on friday.

  • A new HD video captured with MOZA Lite:

  • @ntsan What gives you reason to so believe Its better than the ronin-m?

  • I would like to see more footage from the gimbal rather than footage of it. Also, the subtitles should be done by a native speaker of English. They were unintentionally funny.

  • @4CardsMan, maybe you could offer valuable suggestion for them.

  • Howdy folks, I have been in contact extensively with Amy and Tim at Gudsen via email...

    What an awesome company! A technology company that listens to you right away!!! Heck, they even reply to their emails within 5 minutes!!! Just catch them at the right time in China (12 hour difference for NA...) and fire away!

    Oh, I also ordered a Moza Lite Professional kit, so I'll let you all know how it performs against my clunky DYS Eagle Eye 8bit setup... Should be night and day difference...

    As for their pricing, they gave me a 10% discount and free shipping to Canada (where I live...) and the total price came out to $1795 CAD! The DJI Ronin M costs $2200 CAD (to my door including tax) right now! I am more than happy to save $400!

    I will let you know how it "Pans" out (Hahaha... lame joke...) when I get it in a month or two... All the best, Brennan

  • Balance Tilt Axis

    Balance Roll Axis

    Balance Pan Axis

  • After my research Moza Lite is what I need/like. It does not look like its popular choice here however. Was hope to get Came for 1000 but looks like I need 1500 budget now. ;(

    There is a Moza Lite 2 now. Do you know what the difference is to v1or is it very new on their website? Obviously it should be better and improved but kind find any details about it.

    Came were the only stabilizers in deals in pv?

  • Wait for NAB, I am sure some good things will appear. I know only about few and they are good.

    Came were the only stabilizers in deals in pv?

    What one you look for?

  • looking for stabilizer: Clean design for Gh4 with booster +tokina 11 16 (in good price ofcourse:) So Moze Lite is winner for me. True I forgot about Nab but new things new prices months waiting and first items issues. well Will wait anyway :)

  • @konjow

    What is wrong with CAME Mini 3? It is cheaper than Moza (as you anyway need controller and all).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev nothing wrong I like it except max payload. GH4with tokina 11 16 seems to be to much for it. (as you anyway need controller and all). I presum Came has joystik to change 3 fallow modes (as they were year ago when I list time checked this things) but Moze basic for 1099 seems tobe without remote so how that would be changed? Dont need remote except joistic to change fallow modes and control pan/tilt

  • You need to check specs