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Which camera shouId I buy to get GH1 colors? Hacked GH1 freezes.
  • I love the colors and the detail of the hacked GH1 video, but unfortunately it freezes from time time, which is really annoying. Is there any camera in the GH1 price range that does not freeze and has similar video detail and colors?

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  • @slabik why you don't shoot in interlace?

  • So if I set "100Mbps Max Latitude V2" to 50i, it will be stable? I give it a try, thanks!

  • @slabik, I use my GH1 every week to shoot local TV shows. The only time my GH1 ever freezes is when i'm outside, in daylight, shooting wide angle and a scene with bushes in the background. Other than that I've shot events for years with over an hour recording times. I've never had my GH1 freeze except for that one circumstance. I bought a couple of G5's that I use outside and wide angle, where things can get dicey.

    With the GH1, I'm using the Rig's Stable Patch. Scroll down this page and you should see the link to the patch.

    Remember you can tweak these patches and maybe you'll find a combination of settings that work for you with a good SD card. I'm using a Sandisk Extreme 45MB/s Class 10 32GB SD card. It's a pretty normal card and i'm considering maybe trying a higher speed card, but since I have the G5's it's less of a need. G5's are super cheap and the quality is good. G5 is 30 or 60p and Less control, so I would suggest a G6 instead. They're cheap now too.

  • Sony NEX-5N perhaps? Goes for about the same price as a GH1 on eBay. Or check out a Panasonic GX1

  • @Aria, most of the time I shoot outdoors with the Panasonic 14-45mm lens at 14mm with a 16gb Extrememory Class 10 card. It is spring now, the leaves and the blossom stop the GH1. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try Rig's patch. The G6 has GH2 sensor, as I know. Does the G6 has that green cast? I'm not too good at color grading.

    @IronFilm, thanks for your suggestion, the NEX-5N seems to be a good choice too.

  • use reliable in camera playback patch ! The g6 is great . I own the gh1 and g6 .

  • Sony NEX-5N has no doubt much better low light capabilities than gh1, however the good old gh1 has a very filmic palette out of the box and it give very good result in good light and iso max 200..before buying another cam try Rig's patch. The g6 is a good camera, the green cast of the Gh2 has been reduced.

  • if you are in the field, GH1 is freezing and you can't change the patch or card, try switching to L mode instead of H. Lowers bitrate.

  • Thank you all for your help and advices.

  • @slabik if I remember well, setting (in Ptool) GH1's max bitrate beyond 40Mbps has never resulted in freezing. The IQ has depended a lot by GOP size in such case. I think I had best results with GOP 12 or 15 with FHD 24p

  • I posted an event patch for the GH1 in 2011, you should try that or dial in your own. If you are looking to buy a new cam the Sony ax100 a total no-brainer. Certain lenses cause the GH1 to crash, like the stock zoom with the electrical contacts. You can also add a rock glass filter which will eliminate aliasing and the super edgy detail that causes crashes.

  • Try using the next patch down from the one you're using. Personally, I couldn't tell much difference In iq between the two, but the difference in stability between the two patches was significant