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I dislike my Libec LS-22dv
  • I'm tired of my tripod. Check out the play in it totally locked down. This is the unit Libec suggested I get when I told them the GH2 specs. I think it blows. Maybe I can keep the legs and change the head. Any suggestions for a head?

    Btw, fyi, Sachtler has a DSLR tripod now, and it's only around $600.

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  • That base plate riser looks like it would add a lot of shake.

    I have the same tripod and I think its fine. Never had a issue with it shaking, but my center of gravity is a lot lower. If you are using it with a full rig then you would have a problem I think its only rated to 10lbs.
  • Yes the rise adds to the play, but even with the camera mounted directly on the head, there's still play so it's extremely prone to vibration and movement with just the slightest touch. I've seen other vids on the web of this unit showing the same thing. I think it's poorly designed.
  • Update:
    I contacted Libec and for 75 bucks they exchanged the head for the H38 head. This is big crude dumb head, with no counterbalance adjustments and no drag adjustments. It's moron with few controls, but guys, the beast is smooth as silk for pans and tilts. There is apparently virtue in simplicity, this thing just works. Recommend. It can handle a lot of weight too.