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Best gimbal for lightweight (mirrorless) cameras
  • Between the current economic supports which would be the better choice?

    I have seen videos where the Nebula 4000 its ok, another where are deficient. The Pilotfly H1 is in the same line of Nebula, preliminary tests are encouraging, but those videos are made by the manufacturer and dont know the conditions under which they were made, it is always see better user testing in the real world, but its very new. The third option is the Came Mini, but here the price is more expensive.

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  • Nebula 4000 is a single hand-held gimbal with smaller size compared with CAME-TV Mini. And came mini payload is larger which can carry most mirrorless cameras. If you want to pay for more, you can consider ronin-m and moza lite. DJI is famous for stabilization system. New version of handheld gimbal adapted 3 brushless motors allows for 3 axis directions control. Its assistant app enables precise, automated motor tuning.

    MOZA Lite is another 3-axis handheld gimbal with similar features to ronin-m. It comes with tool-less design and quick release system, ensuring fast setting up. The gimbal can even keep balance in the inverted mode without a standing bar.

    Here is a video compared ronin, came tv and moza:

  • Ronin M. Seriously, the remote, phone app and additional modes (inverted and suitcase) are no laughing matter. They're really useful. And don't get me started on Auto Tune Stability, it's a huge time saver.