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Libec LX5 vs WEifeng FT-9901 vs Something else
  • Hello everyone, I just joined in after few months of reading and getting a lot of useful info. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experience and knowledge. Here is my question. I'm about to build up a gear I plan to use for shooting mostly corporate stuff, reviews of IT equipment and some nature/landscape shots for some tourist organisation. I'm starting from scratch, but I'm trying to skip regular beginner stuff and get something that will be a bit future proof. I'm in search for a good tripod. I'm aware that this is one of the most important piece of equipment and "more you spend, better", however I'm trying to balance between budget and availability. At the moment I can get one of these three and maybe some Manfrotto. I know that Weifeng is good for a start but I'm trying to go step further. My budget is around $500 maybe a bit on top if its really worth it. My No1 pick at the moment is Libec LX5. I couldn't find any info about it on forum, so I'm wondering did anyone used it and how good it is comparing to regular Velbons, Weifengs etc.? Oh yes, the equipment that goes on it: GH2+Metabones Speedbooster+Sigma18-35/1.8+Basic rig with Fotga follow focus+maybe Fotga Mattebox

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is if I order this from China, when I add outrageous customs that I have in my country, the price will build up close to 1k. For that money I can get used/excellent condition Sachtler sb4. It's very tempting but as mentioned, I would try to stay in $500 range since my shopping list is huge.
    Whats your opinion on Libec? Haven't noticed much info on those around forum, and they seem decent quality.

  • I have the cheaper Libec TH-950DV. The legs are nicely made, but a little too lightweight. The fluid head is very nice though. With some nicer legs this would be a great budget tripod. You dont hear much about them, but their products seem to be of pretty nice quality.

  • @joethepro Thanks for your input. I was looking into 950DV since its very afordable 160euros vs 460euros for LX5, but it seemed a bit flimsy and as you mentioned too lightweight. What about QR plate? That "secure" mechanism didn't seem secure to me at all.
    What gear are you putting on it?

  • @Matrikula

    Few points.

    1. You are usually getting tripod for quite long time, much longer than any camera you have.
    2. You really need adjustable counterbalance (and with proper range for your camera).
    3. Customs are usually not big issue, PM if you want me to explain.
  • @Matrikula Im only using a GH3 on it. No rig or anything. It has a 3 position adjustable counterbalance, which is nice, but you might want more flexibility. The QR plate is actually very nice, and the locking mechanism does work pretty well. It doesnt latch shut with a click or anything (though it does click into place when you put it on the head) when you tighten it, but it stays tight.

    Im with Vitaliy on this one. If you are doing anything beyond hobby/amateur stuff, go for something better. Though the 950DV would work OK for you, I think it would be worth the investment to get a higher quality and sturdier tripod.

  • @joethepro Yeah I guess you are right. I do plan to use some basic rig on it, and that builds up pretty fast. I think the store here has LX5 on display so I'll give it a try and see how that goes.

    The one that Vitaly suggested would be perfect if I manage to get it here.

  • The head of my Libec TH-950DV had been leaking lubricant for a while now, and I only use it rarely and lightly. Pretty disappointing.

  • Don't know much about the various brands, but I'll say that I bought a couple used H50 libec heads a while back.. I like them.. They are pretty basic in design but have a nice, smooth action.. well suited for dv imho

  • It's been almost a year since I started this thread. Meanwhile, I tried the entire Velbon tripod program and except DV-7000, I say don't even consider the rest. Even this model is far from perfect. No counterbalance, flatbase head made out of plastic. However it's still a great head and amazing value. Its the only head in this price range that has a Drag fluid control. Highly suggested for use on a slider. Legs spread unusualy wide so it adds stability. Overall, if you are just getting into video and want smtng just to have as your first tripod, this should suit you. Pice is ridiculously low at around $150. For this price to get a tripod with the fluid head that can easily hold 5D MKII with telephoto lens is great. I did the whole 5 day event with it and zero issues. Overall, if you are just enthusiast with very low budget, this will work perfect for you. For everything else beyond that, don't bother. Libec 950DV was a big disappointment for me. Expected more from a fairly well known brand. Its just to plasticy like those cheap Hama like tripods. Fancier looks great, haven't had a chance to try it. I personally just have an issue with the fact of paying $700 for a Chinese brand. If it's in 300-400$ I would by it imideatly. My final conclusion, get Velbon DV-7000 to play with until you have money to buy a proper tripod. Sachtler, O'Connor or similar, with ballhead and counterbalance. Everything in between is waste of money and time. I learned it the hard way.