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Nikon 1 J5 - flop with "4K video"
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  • Yay, Nikon (slowly) making progress forward. Beating Canon to the punch in delivering an affordable 4K ILC.

    Just wish they'd put 4K in the recently announced D7200. Sigh.

  • Still have my V1 with 4k raw bursts.

  • Release will be around April 2nd.

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    Nikon Inc. announced a portable yet powerful addition to the Nikon 1 System of compact interchangeable lens cameras, the incredibly fast Nikon 1 J5, designed for photographers ready to creatively capture and share their passions. Featuring a blazing fast continuous full-resolution shooting frame rate at 20 frames-per-second (fps) with full Autofocus, a new 20.8-megapixel Backside-illuminated (BSI) 1-inch CX-format CMOS sensor, EXPEED 5A image processing and a slew of creative modes, the J5 packs advanced performance into an intuitively designed and compact body. Users can also utilize the experience of Nikon Snapbridge, whereby users seamlessly shoot and share stunning photos from the camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet via built-in Wi-Fi®1 and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

    “Consumers are constantly looking for the right balance of portability and imaging prowess to ensure they are ready to capture each and every special moment,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “With speeds that not even a pro DSLR camera can match, engineered into a compact camera body, the Nikon 1 J5 is a versatile and formidable addition to the Nikon 1 System whether shooting a Friday night football game or for the family constantly on-the-go.”

    Breathtaking Speed Ready to Capture Life's Moments

    Capable of incredible speeds, the Nikon 1 J5 features a myriad of advanced features that help make it simple to capture fast moving subjects in brilliant image quality or Full HD video. Capable of shooting at an amazing 20 fps at full resolution with Autofocus (AF), even high-speed action can be captured with clarity and precision, while even reaching up to 60 fps with AF fixed on the first frame. This amazing speed is made possible in part by the addition of the new EXPEED 5A image processing engine, resulting in faster shooting and enhanced performance and efficiency. The Nikon 1 J5 also gives users an impressively fast hybrid AF system featuring 171 Contrast-Detect and 105 Phase Detect AF points to further achieve and maintain focus on tough-to-photograph subjects. Nikon has also introduced a new Sports Mode in the J5, offering intuitive preset settings to help optimize focus when capturing the "photo-finish" at the racetrack or last second "buzzer-beater." When catching the right moment matters, the camera also utilizes the world's shortest release time lag3 to practically eliminate shutter delay for those moments when time is of the essence.

    Amazing Detail in Every Shot

    Whether shooting athletes in action or a flawless flattering portrait, the Nikon 1 J5 utilizes the latest Nikon technologies and an impressive imaging feature set designed to capture incredible detail, even in low-light. At the heart of the newest addition to the Nikon 1 System is a new 1-inch CX-format 20.8-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor that renders finer detail than ever before to the J-series, while allowing for cleaner images at higher ISOs. When the light is challenging, the J5 features a built-in flash and sports a wide ISO range from 160-12,800 that will help preserve precious memories even in the absence of available light. For extreme low-light situations, High ISO Noise Reduction captures and stacks four frames simultaneously to help reduce noise when shooting at 6400 and 12,800 (with noise reduction enabled).

    Create, Capture and Share with Ease

    With the Nikon 1 J5, the J-Series welcomes a new, innovative control layout that puts a full array of physical controls and creative modes at the fingertips of the photographer. Manual controls and PSAM exposure modes are now easily accessible via the Mode Dial, while the Command Dial allows settings to be changed quickly and easily. A programmable function button helps access often-used functions including ISO and white balance as well. The J5 features a high-resolution 3-inch 1,037k-dot touch LCD display with a 180-degree tilt to help users seamlessly navigate an enhanced menu system, frame shots and make focus point adjustments. The LCD screen tilts a full 180-degrees upward to help capture easy yet stunning self-portraits, particularly when using the new Self-Portrait Mode, to easily set skin softening, self-timer and exposure compensation using the touchscreen interface.

    The J5 also offers a variety of Creative Modes and Scene Modes for stills and video designed to expand creativity and optimize settings for any shooting scenario. Seven new effects are now available including Nostalgic Sepia, Pop, Retro, High-contrast Monochrome, Fisheye, Skin softening (stills only) and Cross Screen (stills only). Nikon's newest J-Series addition also features built-in Wi-Fi and NFC that allow for seamless connectivity via compatible smart devices, allowing for easy sharing with friends and family.

    Impressive Movie Capabilities

    The Nikon 1 J5 sports an impressive set of video features and is capable of effortlessly recording high-quality 1080/60p HD video and shooting at up to 120 fps (at 720p) to create slow motion playback. Users can utilize a variety of fun and innovative creative tools to add their own personal touch to any movie, including Jump-Cut, Fast Motion, 4-second movie and the new Time-Lapse Movie mode that captures up to 300 stills and replays them as a 10-second sequence. An interval timer has been added as well, allowing up to 999 images to be recorded in intervals between 5 seconds and up to nearly 100 minutes (99:59) to create time-lapse movies via external software. Also new with the J5, creative effects including Selective Color and Cross Process are now available for video application. The Nikon 1 J5 can also capture high-resolution 4K video at 15p for those who want to experiment with higher resolution video clips. Users can browse and edit videos using Nikon's free View NX-i software, downloadable at

    Portability and Versatility

    Remarkably lightweight, the Nikon 1 J5 is a versatile and portable companion that users can bring with them wherever they go. As the newest addition to the Nikon 1 System, the compact J5 is compatible with the entire 1 NIKKOR line of lenses and accessories and many DX and FX NIKKOR lenses when using the FT-1 Mount Adapter4.

    Price and Availability

    The Nikon 1 J5 will be available in Silver and Black, Silver and White and all Black in multiple kit configurations. The J5 alongside the 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom lens will be available for a suggested retail price (SRP*) of $499.95, while a kit with both the 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom lens and 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 will be available for $749.95 SRP* in Silver/Black and Silver/White only. Additionally, the Nikon 1 J5 will also be kitted with the 1 NIKKOR 10-100mm f/4-5.6 lens for $1,049.95 SRP* in Silver/Black and Silver/White only. The Nikon 1 J5 will be available soon, with exact timing still to be determined.

  • I guess the V5 will have 4K30P, to differentiate from the 4K15P of J5.

  • I think it will have 4K at 22 fps, V6 will have 24 fps and finally V7 will have 30 fps, exactly in time as NX700 will have 240fps at 4K.

    Nikon is pleased to announce that three of its products have been awarded the prestigious "red dot award: product design 2015", sponsored by Germany's Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The Nikon 1 J4 and Nikon 1 S2, Advanced Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses, and the COOLPIX S6900 compact digital camera all won accolades for their quality and design.

    This is that they are doing, instead making good cameras.

  • Wonder how long the buffer will hold while shooting 60 f.p.s at full rez in stills.

  • The name is so unattractive. It feels like a french countdown.

  • Nikon seems to be trying with some big hiccups getting in the way.

  • looks like they didn't read the gopro 3 newz

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    Nikon 1 J5 is the fastest shooting consumer camera currently available, offering 20fps continuous shooting with auto-focus, as well as 60fps continuous shooting with fixed focus. The Nikon 1 J5 is ideal for a wide variety of shooting situations, such as sports and action shots, as well as making it ideal for anyone with kids that move quickly as the camera can focus extremely quickly. Video quality is very good, and this will be of benefit to those who want to record high quality videos, although the 15fps maximum frame rate makes the 4K video option much less appealing.

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    The addition of front and rear handgrips, PASM modes on the shooting mode dial, a command dial and Function button all point to a change in direction for the J5, despite it still being a very affordable compact system camera. In many ways it out-performs the flagship V3, although that model is perhaps due for an upgrade.

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  • Interesting that Nikon wasn't able to extract more from the Sony sensor. Nikon usually one-ups Sony in IQ on their own sensors.

  • 60fps continuous shooting? For how long? Sounds like 4k 60p on the cheap. EDIT: Shame. 20shots. well I wouldnt call this continuous. Well, with real 4k that thing would have been interesting.

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    The J5 produces image with no visible noise until ISO 400 for very large prints. ISO 800 and 1600 are barely show any nose and still completely usable up to large sizes. The most impressive aspect of the J5 is its speed. The autofocus and stutter-lag are class-leading with excellent shot-to-shot speeds, as long as Instant Review is disabled. If not, then there is a noticeable blackout.

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    Ultimately, the biggest problem for the J5 with the entry-level kit lens is slightly soft photos. While this doesn't really affect the image quality you will see at small and medium sizes, it's tough to make sharp large prints with the J5 with the most basic kit lens attached (my J5 test kit included only the 10-30mm interchangeable lens). Having said that, it's possible that you may have better success with sharper image quality by using a different lens designed for the Nikon 1 series.

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    The J5 is the first Nikon 1 camera to have 4K capabilities but unfortunately it can only shoot at 15fps. This means that your footage will lack some fluidity especially when dealing with movements. Honestly it feels more like an extra spec put there just to make it seem as if the camera is up-to-date with the market offering. I am sure that the next camera will have better 4K performance. The quality of the footage is not bad so I am sure that Nikon can do better.

    The camera can also shoot in Full HD at 30 or 60fps for a maximum of 17 minutes per clip. There are no 25 or 50fps options for PAL users but the camera has flicker reduction to avoid banding. Manual exposure is available and you can use the touch screen to adjust focus while recording. You can also take a picture while recording a movie (HD only). The J5 also has a time-lapse movie option as well as fast motion (playback is 4 times faster), jump cut to do a live edited video, and 4s movie clip that you can edit in camera

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