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EVF for small shoulder-rig
  • I'm building a small shoulder-rig for my GH4. As I want to have most of the weight on the shoulder, the built in LCD and EVF end up too far back to be used, so I need an EVF. Any input on what to look for and what to watch out for? The upcoming Zacuto OLED viewfinder looks nice, but makes little sense buying a viewfinder more expensive than the whole rest of the rig... So what other alternatives are there on the market and how do they compare?

    thanks, Simon

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  • Why does the camera dictate how much any other part of a rig should cost? Cameras come and go, but the rest of your rig should last much longer. While it isn't cheap, there aren't currently any other EVFs with as high resolution as Zacuto's Gratical. If critical focus is important, I wouldn't cut it out of the running so quickly.

    It's fine if it's beyond your budget, but its price relative to your current camera shouldn't be the deciding factor.

  • Are you only worried about focus? You could just buy a viewfinder that magnifies the camera's LED, after all the GH4 already has focus peaking. If I were to get an EVF, I'd probably get the Kinotehnik LCDVFe - the price is less than some, it's got lots of good features and it comes with mounting hardware.