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Tip: Secure Your GH4 Eyecup
  • Hi,

    I would suggest that users of the GH4 secure the rubber eyecup to the body using a few narrow strips of two-sided tape - (the gummy kind) or something like a bit of silicone adhesive.

    It takes very little force to remove this thing. For instance taking the camera in and out of a back, pocket or pack.

    The replacement part is costly (over $30.00 USD and will take time out of your shooting.

    I used a few strips of 4mm wide, two-sided tape, because I also wanted to lock the diopter dial in place.

    I'm not attaching a picture, because the camera can't take a picture of itself:)

    I hope this helps any of you.

    Over and out.

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  • The small plastic synchro socket cover is also easily displaced, as I recently discovered.

  • I wish I had thought of that before mine vanished. That thing comes off waaay to easily

  • @kingmixer - Dang! I was skating on a vast frozen lake and it came off. Another skater found it and now it's attached with elephant snot and an elastic band, in that order.

    Maybe a thread for users like myself who handle this light equipment like an Arri SR (or worse) would be helpful. I probably should get a "cage" - well named thing. As I age, I'm getting more clumsy, that's for sure.

    Bye for now

  • Lost mine now. Never had a problem on GH2 or 3.