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Where is the update to the 14-54 f/2.8 - 3.5 Panasonic Four Thirds lens?
  • It has puzzled me for a long time why Panasonic have not updated this important lens range for the Micro Four Thirds system.

    The obvious question I suppose is why I dont just use the old four thirds lens?

    Couple of things:-

    • Very heavy lens
    • Slow AF
    • Inaccurate AF
    • Requires Adaptor

    The ideal lens would be 12 - 75 with a constant f/4.0 or even better f/3.5

    The problem we have is during wedding ceremonies having the ability to get close ups of VOWS without having to swap lenses.

    I would certainly pay anythin up to £650 for this type of lens with really good OIS.

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  • Well, you can't get all. For now.

  • A 12-75mm would be the same as a 24-150mm.... that is a rather wide range!

    I see no reason why a 12-52.5mm couldn't happen however... an equivalent of the standard 24-105mm f/4. Oh , already got a 12-50mm kit lens. And a 12-40mm f/2.8 So close enough.

  • I love my 14-54 Mark II olympus four thirds lens. Lovely image on my GH4. I'd love a MFT version with faster autofocus for sure.

  • Do you mean 14-50mm which is made by Panasonic? 14-54 is made by Olympus