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Marketech GH4 Battery grip adapter

    This simple adapter re-positions the 1/4'' tripod screw on the GH4 battery adapter to be optically centered. I have a big timelapse project coming up, and it would be really useful to use this with my battery grip. Sadly there appears to be no UK outlet for the adapter, and B&H Photo in NYC want to charge me $120 to ship a $25.00 item to the UK. Is there an NYC resident here that would be willing to go down to B&H, buy and ship to the UK? Your incentive is that I would buy you an adapter too - I'd paypal you for 2 adapters and shipping to the UK. Any kind soul willing to help out, please pm me.

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  • I suggest to check Shipito or similar intermediary.

  • I bought one of these already- they are handy. I will be going to B&H later this coming week. I live in Brooklyn. I will be out of town this weekend, so let's talk in a couple days.

  • Thanks Sam

  • wouldn't mind one of these either, sam how well does it stick to the grip? does it twist easily? cheers

  • Wow rediculus $120 for $25. I will do it for you for free. I don't live in NY though. They will have to ship it to me then I ship it to you. I guess my pay from it is some day when I wanna buy from UK you can return the favor.

  • Hello people. Sorry to bring back this old thread, but I was wondering it anybody knows an alternative to this for the GH5 and where I could find it ?

    Thanks to answer