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Selling 3 Lens Adapters for Micro Four Thrids
  • Kipon EOS Canon Adapter - the one with aperture control 90$
    Kipon Minolta MD adapter 50$
    Nikon - takes just about any Nikon lens + it has Aperture Control 25$

    The kipon mounts get pretty expensive look them up at adorama or ebay i think i got the canon one on ebay for over 100 plus shipping but i'm flexible if my guess is too high. It would be perfect to sell all 3 to the same person for an easy ship. I know you can find cheaper stuff but these are quality! As a result try to be fair with your offers ? i'm open to best offer on them =)

    All 3 - $150 shipped ?
    1080 x 720 - 709K
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  • Your GH2 will Thank You
  • Please list price.
    Offers are good, but price must be present.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev ok, these are off the top of my head based on what i paid to make back like 70% or something if im lucky. I'm not sure if they are still worth that much these days.