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I just bought a used GH2 with a hack. Can I add a new hack?
  • Hello, I'm pretty new at this, and have no idea how to hack the GH2. I just got a used one, but the guy didn't know what hack he used. Can I install a hack on top of a hack? Do I need to unhack it first in order to hack it again? I feel like this ones bugs a bit (tells me to check the card all the time, or can't see playback).

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

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  • Okay, I am confused! I looked at that and it doesn't have anything that shows you how to re-hack it, maybe I am just reading it wrong...

  • Just hack it again. No difference

  • Like blazer said, just hack it again and if you want to go back to mamma (the OEM software) just load it with no hack. Since you are new make sure you have a fully charged battery when you start because stopping it in the middle is very bad and when the process begins....DON"T touch any buttons.

    Vitaliy has made it a simple process.