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35mm Rokinon Light Reflection due to UV filter
  • Does any one know what is causing this light reflection in the lens. What is the technical term for it?
    How can I avoid it in the future? Can I remove it in post? Just point me in the right direction so I can educate myself.

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  • Yes I do too, but I remove the UV filter glass that they sent with it
  • I had my UV filter on at the time. Good point to remember next time. Thanks!
  • Yes, same for me with Voigtlander 40mm, unusable with filter
  • Almost all UV filters will give these nasty reflections.
    Unless they're super high end ones with coatings designed to avoid this problem.
    It's one of the reasons I never shoot with a UV filter on.. sure it gives protection, but the risk of reflections is not worth it for me.
  • Why use UV filter at night? :)
  • Yr lens probably has an aspherical glass, which needs a hood to shield it.
    I shoot with quite a few Voigtlanders, and i can tell you every time i go on set, I need some kind of shade.
    The wider the lens, the worse the spills
  • @stonebat Why use a UV filter period? Just use a hood and your glass will be fine :)