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Motorized timelapse options for varavon slider?
  • Hey PV! Are there any options/alternatives to the motoroid/timeroid for the varavon sliders (specifically v800)? Are there other brands/systems that work ?

    I'm mainly wondering about the Konova Motorized Kit B that comes with the crank as well. It seems a better value and can be upgraded as I go.

    I've also been entertaining DIY and have read numerous ideas, including this one -

    (He doesn't talk about how to attach it to the carriage at all, I'm thinking of buying the varavon weight pulley because it has a plate that fits)

    Does anyone have examples of DIY for the varavon ?

    Also - going the DIY route - is it a better design to have the have the motor on an end or with the carriage?


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  • What is wrong with motorroid? It is very good thing.

  • Love mine

  • Well, for one, it looks as though the motoroid isn't upgradable to the timeroid, that is they are two completely different systems (and costs) where as the Konova system can be ungraded from basic motorized to full three axis using the same parts. It also comes with the crank for the same price as the motoroid.

    What's peoples experiences with the motoroid and timelapse? Does it cut it ?

  • @ICProductions

    You are quite wrong, while it is not made for timelapses, it is upgradable with controller (same or very similar to Timerroid).

    Crank is pretty useless thing until it is damped one.

    Also I think you want something so advanced that it can be used only for very specialized shots.

    90% of the time all you need is steady movement, not many axis.

  • There are other options like the Kessler system, but you're into silly money with them. AFAIK, as long as you have a varavon slider, you can upgrade your motorroid to a timeroid.

  • Some shots for a drama recon for a BBC doc that had to be reshot - never noticed just how trashed my 'best' cutlery is. Originated at 4k on GH4, Varavon Motorroid and 6ft Slidecam S slider, ungraded. Sorry if it's a bit 'steppy' - my original encode is smooth but both youtube and vimeo are introducing some stepping on playback. Lit with the CN576 hi CRI panels that were on special deals here.

  • Does anyone know what happened to the Timeroid? It doesn't look like Varavon carries or makes it anymore. Any other compatible options that have that functionality?

  • I have no knowledge about such options, by idea you just waited too long.

  • thanks... i think the Syrup Genie might be my best bet... just a lot pricer :)

  • @bmorgan83

    At first I suggest to check new Chinese options. I am sure you will find something (not for specific Varavon slider I mean)