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Cine-NIkkor 25mm f1.2 C-mount Lens
  • **Ultra-rare*** 16mm lens from 1950's Nikon.

    Focal length: 25mm
    f-stop: 1.2
    mount: c-mount

    2000$ OBO

    Near mint condition! Produces great images. Very sharp and warm image! Works perfectly on the GH2, see videos below.

    Currently accepting offers. Open to trades as well.

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  • Price must be present. Initial is ok.
  • 200904-410.jpg
    640 x 480 - 243K
  • Out of interest, Did you crop out some of the vignette or is that how it performs on the GH2? Seems to vignette less than my Angenieux 25mm f0.95 lens, though I think there is more distortion
  • Nothing cropped, the first video is raw from the camera. You can see some slight darkening on the edges, but it gives an interesting look.

    This is Or Best Offer folks... I realize 2k is high thinking... Send any offers! :)
  • your crazy if you think 2k is ANYWHERE near what your gonna get lol... GOT MY WOLLENSAK 25 FOR $30
  • My Wollensak 25mm is just as soft. got it for $40.
    Then I realize 25mm is to wide for a nice image on m43. 35mm is ok
  • 2k, seriously...

    good luck anyway :)