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SWAP : G6 for GX7
  • I don't suppose anyone in the UK would be interested in swapping me their GX7 for a G6

    Bit of a long shot but I managed to swap a GH2 for the G6 in the first place through here so why not try eh?

    Comes in original box, works perfectly and in great condition. Has been a solid little performer.


    • GX7 cuts better with GH3 (A Cam for me)
    • GX7 is smaller (I work with two cameras on a belt system, and this will make this easier)
    • I don't need mic input on G6, or swivel screen
    • G6 has 4:3 viewfinder, which I do not need for video work. Therefore GX7 will give me larger image on eye
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  • I would of (as preferred the G6 ergonomics) when I had my GX7 but would of asked for cash with it also.

    GX7s can go for around £405

    G6's can go for around £240...there is a big gap between prices

  • Yes I am prepared for cash uplift if required.

    As I said, i managed a swap with my GH2 for G6 and the difference in price at the time was pretty much identical. Some times people overlook cost and look simply at what is easiest to achieve. (the cost/hassle of selling and then purchasing another camera can be factored in)

  • It would seem the margin is a little bit closer now.

  • Prepared to offer £75 with my G6 for a GX7

    G6 will come with two batteries

  • Anyone have a GX7 for sale?