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Breaking fish tank...
  • For all you VFX and stunt guys out there. I need to shoot a breaking fish tank in an upcoming short. It's unlikely we can do it for real on location because of the potential water damage, though it might be possible with some sort of "pool" arrangement. (containing the water from the crash) I've been thinking about doing a green screen composite but I think it may be difficult to make it look natural with the transparency of the water, background wall and everything + we need to shoot some water pouring/splashing out on floor level (w. fish rattling) which will add to the difficulty. The whole sequence is a radio hitting (thrown at) the fish tank, breaking it, water pouring out and fish rattling on the floor (c/u). I'm thinking locked down shots to make things slightly easier.

    How would you guys solve this?

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  • Do you have a budget for Special Effects/ Animation or you have to do it DIY no budget style?! Do you have a space (studio) where you can do green screen shoot (even partialy) and splash water around? Do you have a watertight housing for camera (plastic bags and a clean piece of glass will do?

    You can effectively accomplish the desired effect through cheating-editing-close-ups-green screen!

    P.S. Where are you located at?!

  • Very low budget. Looks like we have a good solution though. There is a house destined for demolition so we are trying to do the scene there! Fingers crossed. Located in northern Sweden.